Sharon Looney is a business transformation and change leader. She creates environments in which people excel and firms thrive.

Sharon has extensive experience in large-scale transformational change management, leadership development and cultural innovation. She steers organisations and their HR teams to ignite and accelerate delivery of the human aspects of business transformations. She is frequently invited to speak at management and HR conferences and has worked in more than 21 countries.

Awards & Achievements

[ultimate_fancytext fancytext_effect=”ticker” strings_tickerspeed=”200″ ticker_show_items=”1″ fancytext_tag=”h3″ fancytext_strings=”Winner of the CHRO of the Year Award
Named one of the world’s Top 50 HR Tech Minds
Member of the World HRD Congress Advisory Board
World HRD Congress 2019
Irish HR Champion Award, 2020 – Employee Wellbeing Strategy” fancytext_color=”#b6985a”]

Bridging the HR Credibility Gap

Why has HR still not managed to ‘shake off’ the prevailing question around the value it delivers in business?

Why does the disconnect prevail between how HR sees its value, relative to that perceived by the wider business?

How can Sharon help you?


Sharon is a highly rated speaker. She welcomes invitations to speak or facilitate at leadership conferences and HR events worldwide.


Sharon is an experienced executive mentor on all aspects of people-led change and transformation.

Latest Blog/News

November 21, 2019

Aligned in thought – Dave Ulrich with Sharon Looney – November 2019

Attended the HR Congress in Nice today and had the pleasure to meet David Ulrich...



  •  Dean Forbes
    “Sharon perfectly balances her strategic outlook with a human touch. That means we can truly leverage the value created every day by our people. Our company today is a world away from the one I joined a couple years back. We’re more collaborative, we work smarter, and we all know our role in contributing to business objectives.”
    Dean Forbes
    CEO, CoreHR
  • Thierry Couillaud
    I’ve had the pleasure and benefit of experiencing first hand the value which Sharon’s work delivers to organisational growth and value creation. Her leadership on complex restructuring projects , formation of highly impactful talent and performance enablement strategies across multiple geographies, multiple cultural diversities and multiple hierarchical scopes makes her a unique HR leader. The positive impacts of Sharon’s thought leadership can be directly linked with positive business consequences. Her projects have on many occasions be described at board level as monumental in effecting and accelerating organisational change. Her contributions to HR thought leadership have deservedly received the highest recognitions at a global level.
    Thierry Couillaud
    Vice President HR & Communication Brake Business Unit, Hitachi Automotive Systems Group
  • Brian Martin
    My engagements with Sharon as a Consulting HR strategist, span across a number of years in cases of highly complex transformation and restructuring projects. I required a level of HR expertise which did not exist internally. I relied heavily on Sharon as my ‘navigator’ in defining the HR strategies in situations of high impact to our people and our teams. She has a unique talent, which proves and amplifies the immeasurable value of HR with the right leader in the HR seat.
    Brian Martin
    Former CEO Shanakiel and Mater Hospitals, Cork
  • Steve Rowley
    Sharon joined us to lead the people strategy and company through an unprecedented transformation. Her professional leadership and alignment of the people strategy with overall organisational intent were instrumental in preparation for scale and the evolution of a modern software company She achieved monumental change and transformation for our business with relentless enthusiasm, energy and credibility. Her experience, professional capabilities and personality meant she had a visible positive impact across the entire executive team and our board from the very first day she joined our team.
    Steve Rowley
    Chairman of the Board – CoreHR

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