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Bridging the HR Credibility Gap

Why has HR still not managed to ‘shake off’ the prevailing question around the value it delivers in business?

Why does the disconnect prevail between how HR sees its value, relative to that perceived by the wider business?


Overcoming ‘HR sophistication bias’

HR has a strategic role to play in most organisations. Yet it sometimes builds barriers by trying to be seen as sophisticated. Constantly presenting complex new ‘best practices’ that bamboozle management undermines HR as a strategic function. It’s time to simplify!

HR as a strategic function

Sharon outlines the huge value of well planned HR strategies. She describes the role of HR as the accelerant of transformational change and enabler of productive workplace cultures and ‘leader-fit’ management teams.


How do we build competent leaders? While good leaders always want to become better leaders, learning is often inhibited by old behaviours. Leaders need to learn to unlearn the old, before beginning to learn the new.

Positive Work

Not all company cultures contribute to positive outcomes. How do you design and implement a new culture? Following a merger or acquisition, how can you integrate diverse cultures?


Large companies sometimes overcomplicate policies for managing people of different world cultures and religions. While the way individuals work, behave, interact and lead their lives might vary, people are people. They come to work every day with exactly the same motivation: to do a good job. What’s needed is not complicated structures, but competent leaders.

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